Currently, there are no HP advent calendars. Wouldn't it be a great idea for LegoⓇ to do a 7-year series, starting at the Philosopher's Stone, ending the with Deathly Hallows (based on the books, not the movie)?
The concept of this is for fans to be able to read the book during the advent season and every day open up a gift that matches what you've read for that day. This will get kids (and adults) to actually read the books, as well as deepen the Harry Potter Wizarding World by adding characters who've been wholly omitted from the movies, such as Peeves, while removing ridiculous characters that are in the movies and not in the books, such as "Nigel"...
With Lego doing a great job with some aspects, I've borrowed their current models, such as Fluffy, Harry playing Quidditch and a few others. 
The mini builds are all MOC (my own creation), with inspiration taken for some from all over the internet.
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